The Road to Entrepreneurship

Looking back on my life, it’s clear I’ve always been an entrepreneur. Back in Bogota, as a young girl, I used to sell lemonade with my sister in front of our condo, and in high school, instead of lemonade, I baked and sold brownies. When my oldest son was born, I became an infant event planner – and after that, I sold organic vegetables to restaurants and families.

Some of my other ventures include a spa, jewelry line, and an online flower shop. And of course, with each new adventure, there was training and certifications to complete.

But through all of those endeavours, my children were my priority. I sought out ventures that gave me some form of balance – the ability to be home with my kids but also allow me the time to manage bits and pieces of a career.

However, when I came to Canada, I felt it was time to find something more  – so, I entered the corporate world…which I actually found very rewarding. As a newcomer to Canada, I was welcomed by the people I worked with and I learned a lot. I had a steady income, good benefits, I worked with nice people, and I even loved commuting Downtown Toronto. I was happy and I thought I had everything I had ever wanted. And believe it or not – I even told my husband that I never wanted to own a business again. I LOVED being an employee.

Clearly, that mindset only lasted a few years. Because when entrepreneurship is in your blood, ignoring your passion to be creative just isn’t an option.

This brings me here, to Ananda.

More than three years have passed since I made the jump from corporate Downtown Toronto to my little storefront at Bronte and Lakeshore in Oakville. I can’t begin to express my gratitude to God, the Universe, my clients, my husband, my family, Mother Earth, my Angels, and all the love and light that has supported me over the years.

Every step that I took to get here, was all a part of the greater plan for Ananda. And this pandemic, while it’s had its ups and its downs, it has also been a part of my journey – a part of Ananda’s journey.

Entrepreneurship ebbs and flows. And I love that I can continue to share Ananda and my passions with all of you.

Thank you for being here for the ride and allowing me to continue calling as an entrepreneur.