Adriana Roa, Coach & Ceritified Bach Flower Practitioner


In 1993, I was blessed with the arrival of my first child. Becoming a new mother brought both immense beauty and profound challenges. My son was born with health concerns, and as conventional medicine offered limited solutions, I delved into alternative healing methods to support his and mine well-being. This experience not only granted me the gift of motherhood but also ignited a profound awakening, illuminating my life's mission.

Commencing with the study of infant massage, I discovered its transformative power and later applied this technique also to my second child, aiding him in overcoming sleep troubles. Today, with thirty years having passed, I am eternally grateful for the health and well-being of my two sons.

Through the journey of nurturing my children, I realized I had embarked on an inner exploration. Intuitively guided by Mother Earth and celestial forces, I sought wisdom from higher energies. This pursuit led me to continuously enhance my skills and expand my knowledge through various courses and training to better support individuals on their healing paths. Despite grappling with periods of spiritual famine, even during a career in the corporate world, I always found my way back to the sacred path. Along this journey, I've been blessed with the support and wisdom of many esteemed practitioners.

Delving deeply into Reiki, I achieved the status of Level III Reiki Master, pursued Bio-energetic Massage, and evolved into a Transpersonal Coach. As an Aura Soma practitioner, Bach Flower consultant, and Angel Guide, I advocate for balance and healing. Immersing myself in the profound energy of Crystals, Sacred Geometry, and more, I've not only learned these energy-based modalities but also continually benefit from their transformative effects in my personal practice.

With a heart overflowing with gratitude, my intention is to give back and share the wisdom I've gained with others. All the services I offer are designed to harmoniously complement life's diverse stages. I firmly believe that, regardless of where you are on your journey, there is a connection we can share.


Love and light,