Sacred Geometry Session



Sacred Geometry Services: 

Embark on a transformative 30-minute journey to harmonize your chakras through the power of sacred geometry. In this session, I skillfully place mirrors and solid platonic forms, each corresponding to the elements in your body.

During the session, I'll position these tools to correspond with each element and its respective chakra. You'll then have 21 minutes to relax and immerse yourself in the rejuvenating energy. Experience profound balance as you connect with the sacred geometry and elemental forces.

The Power of Mirrors in Healing and Sacred Geometry

Mirrors have long been symbols of reflection, self-awareness, and spiritual connection in healing practices. In this session, I use mirrors that represent the moon and the sun, each reflecting unique energies. I intuitively choose the mirror side based on your needs, enhancing the healing experience.

Benefits of the Session:

  • Unblock Energy Flow: Release blockages and stagnant energy to allow for a free flow of vital energy throughout your body.
  • Connect with Elemental Forces: The solid platonic forms used during the session represent the five elements (fire, water, earth, ether, and metal), helping you connect with and balance these elemental energies.
  • Harmonize Chakras: Each tool is strategically placed to correspond with your chakras, promoting alignment and balance within your energy centers.
  • Deep Relaxation: Enjoy a serene 21-minute period to relax deeply and immerse yourself in the healing energies of sacred geometry and mirrors.
  • Renewed Balance and Vitality: After the session, you can expect to feel more balanced, revitalized, and aligned with the natural elements and energies.

Adriana brings her wealth of experience in various healing techniques to tailor support based on your unique situation and needs, guiding you towards balance and inner peace. Learn more about her journey and expertise in the 'About' section here.


Embark on the Transformative Journey:

If you're ready to embark on this transformative journey, book your first free 15-minute Q&A session by contacting Adriana at or through the website's "Contact" page. Adriana looks forward to connecting with you soon.



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Please note: more than one session may be needed to find specific results. You can compare this process to peeling an onion...we peel back the layers one at a time to heal ourselves back to balance. Packages are available, ask Adriana.
30 min - $70