Discover Reiki

Reiki is an ancient healing system which means “Vital Universal Energy”. It was re-discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in the nineteenth century. He founded the Usui system of natural healing and since then his teachings have initiated and guided many people on their healing path. 

How does it work?

The Reiki practitioner channels the energy of the Universe through their hands to deliver healing. By becoming the channeler, the Reiki practitioner doesn’t exhaust their own energy, rather, it is enhanced while they are healing others. Although Reiki helps when one is sick, feeling off or unwell, it is also a powerful tool to prevent disease in the first place. 

Reiki does not profess any religion and is not in contradiction with any medical practice, it does however, enrich and strengthen your spiritual beliefs and works in tandem with traditional and holistic medicine. Reiki works on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balancing your energy and health. 

 My experience with Reiki

I took my first level of Reiki around 23 years ago. Around that time I had already begun my journey inward. On the first day of training the teacher asked us our reasons for being there and I answered: “Because I want to help my family”. Her response was a kind smile that showed that she knew something more. Learning Reiki was an amazing experience; it was powerful and at times difficult, as the inner journey can often be. I learned so much about my emotions and found many that I had hidden inside. When I finished the training, I realized that I was there because I needed to heal myself and i had to do this before I could help anyone else. I learned that I cannot support anyone if I’m not supporting myself first. 

Since then, being a channel of healing energy and in service to others has changed my life. When I open myself to the “Universal Energy” I become a conduit of a beautiful life-force, unconditional love and vast wisdom that always brings itself where you need it most. This energy will balance all levels of your being (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual) and clear blockages by bringing to the surface what you need to balance now and what you are ready to heal. Reiki will dissolve layers of unresolved issues.

What you can expect in a session with me

The experience may differ with each client, but in general you may feel a deep “relaxation” so much so that some fall asleep. Some may see colours, images, and may even feel transported to different places, feel very warm or hot, or feel lighter. Some are unable to describe it and they simply describe it as a feeling foreign to them. Any feeling that you may have is what is right for you at this moment. Language can be limited when describing experiences, it can also be the voice that leads to the stars. I hope your experience reading this entry guides you towards the stars, and inspires you to try Reiki yourself. 

Let us all remember that we must take care of ourselves before taking care of others. This is not a sign of selfishness, for if you lack energy and health (emotional, mental and physical), you will not be able to help others to your best ability and you will drain yourself in the process. Let us feel love for the divine, for our being and others around us. 

Sending you all Love, Light and Blessings,