Combining Energy Modalities to Balance your Being

If you know me well, you know that I love to combine different energy modalities to provide my clients with unique experiences to encompass different aspects of our being. You can say my style is “eclectic” 😜 as I believe that each of the energy modalities I use complements one another. Each person may feel more connected and comfortable with a specific practice so I like to keep the variety there in case I feel one modality is needed over the other at that time.

At home during my own spiritual practice, I find I combine all the healing specialties that I offer at Ananda. Sometimes I will only use Bach Flowers and Aura Soma, but unconsciously I always use essential oils — this is definitely my go-to. I like to begin my morning practice in addition to aromatherapy, I tap into my training from England and use Aura-Soma to complement it. These days, I’m currently using: Equilibrium, Pomander and Quintessence Aura-Soma bottles to get my day started on the right foot.

It’s important to remember that all modalities work in a very simple way. We don’t need to get complicated with quantum physics and other explanations. We can keep it simple with these fantastic and useful modalities:

On top of the modalities, I always use my intuition and connection with the Spirit world during any practice or service I’m providing a client. Without the help of my guides, I would not be the practitioner I am today. They help guide me and my client and work energetically during our sessions. All of what I do at Ananda is meant to help you get your body, mind and spirit back into balance and truly connect with your soul and find peace. 

Just like any big project, it can be a journey of ups and downs to get to the end. For example; when we look at taking on the task of organizing your closet. 🙃 First, you put everything out on your bed, then you decide what you want to keep and want you to want to throw or giveaway. During this process, we can all agree that it can be overwhelming and frustrating at times. This could be because maybe we put it off too long and the mess got bigger and bigger. Life happens so this is totally acceptable, but we know that throughout the process of getting the closet back to balance, the struggle is temporary until you’ve had the time to work through it.

The same happens when you embark on your healing journey! You may experience ups and downs through the process but that doesn’t mean you are not moving forward with finding balance. You will get there, you just have to start.

Happy journey! And remember, if you need me, I am here to support you.

Love & Light,