The Ananda Session

Ananda Session: Aroma Massage – Reiki – Crystals and more 

Many people may get confused about the idea of this type of massage/technique. Some could think that this is a therapeutic massage done by someone who will do all the strokes, stretches and techniques to “treat” the physical body: ligaments, muscles, tissues and fascia. However, this massage is different.

This none traditional massage is a combination of different therapeutic techniques traditional and “alternative” such as Swedish massage techniques, lymphatic massage, acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy.

The Ananda Session is a new service where I combine more than 20 years of experience and knowledge in different energy-based modalities. I love this offering as it is a mix of holistic techniques and practices such as Aroma-Massage and Reiki. I’ll use tools such as crystals, sacred geometry and essential oils custom to your needs at the time we meet and make the session as relaxing as possible for you. During this type of session, I will combine all my practices and customize the session depending on your needs.

As many of you know, I started my spiritual journey by learning how to do infant massage. I am a believer that touch is very important for the healthy development of a baby physically, emotionally and mentally and also for the adults. We experience touch from the very beginning, from being in the womb, and then through the delivery process as the baby is being “massaged” with the contractions. I used the massage technique with my own sons and knew this could also help others as well.

A couple of years after my infant massage training, I learnt how to do massage for adults. Again, not the traditional massage, but more of a holistic therapy that consciously goes deeper into the being. That type of therapy helps the client connect with the information that is stored in their cells. I saw the benefits of this type of massage while working with a multidisciplinary team supporting people with eating disorders and addictions and helping them connect with their bodies.

My practice back in Ecuador was based on massage, plus the other tools that I continue using. When we first moved to Canada 14 years ago, I wasn’t offering this service at the time. Now I think it is important to re-introduce it to the community around me and help others the way I helped them before with what I know works well for the body as a whole.

Massage has been used for decades in many different cultures and they all have the same purpose: to balance or remove the energy blockages so that the energy can flow again and healing may occur. Blockages can be physical, emotional, mental level and or spiritual. The use of aromatherapy in this session adds the benefit of working with the energy of the essential oils and the healing properties that mother nature provides us through its plants.


  • Physical Benefits: relaxation and toning of the muscles, promotes blood flow, increases the level of hemoglobin, promotes lymphatic circulation, and promotes joint elasticity, among others. 
  • Energy Benefits: influences the energy centers (chakras) and energy meridians with the intention to balance them.
  • Mental Benefits: it mitigates stress and anxiety, in addition to promoting greater awareness of the integrity of the body.
  • Emotional Benefits: it relieves childhood trauma if experienced, which generates more feelings of self-esteem, well-being, confidence and happiness, releases tension, develops a positive image of oneself and generates responsibility for health and happiness.    
  • Spiritual Benefits: it promotes a state of heightened awareness similar to the one that is reached with the experience of meditation.

As you can see, this session embodies all the levels of our being. It is healing art through which non-verbal communication is established through the skin that takes us beyond muscles and bones penetrating into the depths of our being.


~ Love and Light, Adriana