Am I crazy or am I hearing voices in my head?

That is the question. I’m sure there have been times in your life when you ask yourself: “Am I going crazy? Where are the voices in my head coming from?”

You may have been tuned into your intuition and allowing other levels of consciousness to connect with you. Those can be Your higher self, Angels, Archangels or guides to name a few.  You may not necessarily “hear” those voices or short words with your physical ear. You know that what you listened to, other times you only know or you feel is like going with the gut feeling. All those “signs” are part of your intuition.  No matter how you hear it, the main idea is that you are allowing your intuition to connect with those energies.

What is the definition of intuition?

It is “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.”  We all have intuition but not many of us can tune into it or we refer to it as a gut feeling as the people, in general, will understand that better as if we are tuning into our intuition. That word opens the possibility to be judged and we try always to be away from the judgement of others 😊

Some people have been connected with their intuition since they were little kids but for others, like myself, their intuition awakes due to a specific event or experience. The more we use our intuition, the better it becomes.

So, how would you know that those love and light beings are trying to speak to you?

The signs from our intuition always come from a place of love. It won’t say something to harm you or others and you can ask it for validation. Working with Oracle cards and Tarot Decks can be a great tool to validate what you are channelling is telling you.

Before starting with your connect process, I always recommend checking with a doctor that you are healthy. It is important to check this from time to time to know that your physical body is on track too.

Now, when you start the connection process with your intuition and allow yourself to connect with those energies, it is easy to doubt what you are feeling, seeing, thinking, or hearing. What you are experiencing in this process is guidance from the Spirit World. You need to start with baby steps and trust what they are telling us – don’t be afraid of it.

For example, when you are driving and “something” is speaking to you to take a different route than the one always travelled. Do you ever follow that feeling and see where the different road will take you? Maybe it takes you 5-10 minutes off your original path, but your intuition is speaking to you in those types of moments when you least expect it.

In beginning, it is easy to not follow your intuition. It can be overwhelming and scary to enter into new “adventures” but not to worry, it gets better and you will soon fall in love with connecting to your intuition. 🥰

To help start the process, if you find you are getting a lot of messages in your heart and mind, instead of keeping all of them in your head, write them down in a journal. This practice can be therapeutic to get your mind clear so that you can think clearly again. This can also help you start to evaluate what your intuition is trying to tell you.

It is important to listen to your guides, the archangels or angels, and be willing to receive their guidance. They respect your free will and only when you call them, will they come.

This gift is not one everyone is prepared to activate but simply know that you can have a relationship with the guides the same way you have relationships with your earthly friends. You can ask for a favour, guidance, support or clarification. You speak the same language; you just need to connect with your heart and slow down your mind.

Go slow and enjoy the ride! 🌻🌊

Light & Love,