Aura Soma Consultation

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Become empowered, eased, and elevated through this innovative approach to soul therapy.

Aura Soma – Aura meaning light, Soma signifying body - is a unique, non-intrusive, self-selective soul therapy. Founded by Vicky Wall, in 1983, this therapy has been used for decades to help people open the door to consciousness and support the development of the light-body that surrounds us.

In your session, you will select four bottles that call the most to you – aka selecting the ones that will help you the greatest in your journey. Each bottle contains two fractions of colours and brings together the energies of three kingdoms to restore balance and ease (It helps the user to connect to their soul and understand it).

Adriana is extremely passionate about Aura Soma based on her own experience. She has found each bottle has brought another unique experience and consciousness as to who she is, and what her gifts and strengths are. She will guide in you applying the contents of each bottle – and the energy will restore, rebalance, and revitalize a person on all levels.

Aura-Soma Consultation

60-minute consultation includes a bottle of aura-soma (valued at $50) to take home for additional support.