Embracing the Empty Nest Journey: A Heartfelt Reflection 🌿💕

The terms "empty nesters" and "menopause" once seemed distant from my reality, mere words floating in the future. Yet, time has its way of flying by, and here I am, navigating another significant phase of my humanity. While menopause warrants its own dedicated space for sharing, today, let's explore the realm of the empty nest.

As many of you know, I'm a proud mother of two young adult men, happily married for 33 years. My eldest, Santiago, ventured to BC six years ago, marking the beginning of my conscious journey into the realm of releasing my children from the nest. The process, guided by angels, was bittersweet. Though I missed him dearly, I recognized the importance of letting him soar and become the best version of himself.

Six years passed, and Santiago is thriving in BC. However, the path to embracing the term "empty nester" took a different turn as my youngest, Camilo, continued living at home while completing his studies. The joy of his regular presence was a comforting constant until this summer, when he swiftly decided to embark on a new life adventure. Leaving a stable job, he sought self-discovery and challenged himself to step out of his comfort zone.

This decision mirrored my experiences of leaping into the unknown—a journey fraught with uncertainties, fears, and tests of confidence. Witnessing my children courageously embrace such challenges fills me with admiration.

Now, the term "empty nester" becomes a more personal reality for me. The weeks following Camilo's departure were emotionally demanding. While happy for his new venture, my heart grappled with the shift. As a mom, the feeling of an empty nest is unique. Even though routines as a couple remained unchanged, the home felt different. 

In sharing my journey, I emphasize the importance of granting ourselves permission to feel and grieve. While understanding the conscious reality of this life stage, acknowledging the emotional impact is crucial. It's not merely a chapter's end but a profound shift that deserves our attention and energy. My goal is to inspire others to close this chapter with self-compassion, knowing they've cared for their feelings and are ready to embrace the new.

P.S. Bach Flower Essences, particularly Walnut, Star of Bethlehem, Gentian, Elm, Wild Oat and White Chestnut, played a significant role in supporting me through this transformative period. 

May this reflection resonate with those navigating the transition to an empty nest, and may we find solace and growth in every step of the journey. 🌱💖