Transpersonal Coaching

Transpersonal Coaching, is a tool that helps promote the inner growth of people through discovery and experience. It activates the innate wisdom found inside. This process encourages a person to stop looking outward but redirects them to look inward and find answers inside. It is another way to connect with one’s being, one’s heart, and the wisdom within them.

Transpersonal Coaching is based on two pillars:
1. Raise awareness and responsibility; and
2. Activate responsibility.

As a coach, Adriana Roa is a channel and a guide. She supports the process so that a person may apply their own wisdom in the process within which they find themselves. The mind records every experience and every moment in a person’s life. The environment, society, family, and so on, are external factors that influence behaviours and beliefs which, in turn, help to create mental patterns. If the mental patterns are not positively contributing to one’s life, one can make a change with the guidance and support of the transpersonal coach.

The transpersonal coach helps to:
• Raise your own consciousness;
• Discover your own answers;
• Make your own decisions with conviction; and
• To Walk your own way.

Through transpersonal coaching, one can find the support to achieve any goal, whether in professional, personal, emotional, or spiritual areas.

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