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Do you truly know yourself? Most people don`t. They run on autopilot or live out patterns from their childhood, but they do not live their most empowered self, character, or life.

Do you know your gifts, faults, strengths, and weaknesses? Do you know your superpowers and your purpose? The fact that you are reading these lines tells me that you might have done some work around these topics and that you are now ready to get to know yourself on a much deeper level.

Hi, my name is Patricia. I am an Astrologer and Intuitive who can help you awaken to your authentic self and to remember who you truly are. Empowering and guiding you to live your personality in its most liberating way is the foundation of everything I do. I am the founder of Remember Your Soul Purpose, and I am on a mission to empower you as a woman to remember your most authentic self.

I will bring you back to yourself.

When I found the wisdom of Astrology, I had already studied Reiki and Energy Work on my quest to find myself. 

I was at a very low point in my life. Confused and lost. I was yearning for guidance. I had questions no one could answer. Questions like "who am I?", "where am I going?", "Why am I here on this earth?", "What is my purpose?" "How can I have a fulfilling relationship? " And the question of how I can be the best mom for my son.

My Birth Chart gave me all the answers; yours can do the same for you. Your Birth Chart is as unique as your fingerprint. It is your personal Blueprint.

My work does primarily focus on women, entrepreneurs, and on moms. If you are a mom, do you struggle with finding better ways to communicate and bond with your children? Tension in the family?

I am here to help you align to your highest self


to help parents who want to understand how to parent the child they have and not the child they wish to have. 

You hold the power to change your story. Book your appointment today and sign up for my daily Guided by the Moon Letters. Aligning yourself with the Moon`s Energies makes life easier and more fulfilled.

What are you waiting for?

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