Aromatherapy Massage

The Aromatherapy Massage is a none traditional massage that combines different therapeutic techniques (traditional and “alternative”) such as: Swedish massage techniques, lymphatic massage, acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy.

Massage has been used for decades in many different cultures and they all have the same purpose: to balance or remove the energy blockages so that the energy can flow again and healing may occur. Blockages can be physical, emotional, mental level and or spiritual. The use of aromatherapy in addition to massage adds the benefit of working with the energy of the essential oils and the healing properties that mother nature provides us through its plants.


  • Physical Benefits: relaxation and toning of the muscles, promotes blood flow, increases the level of hemoglobin, promotes lymphatic circulation, and promotes joint elasticity, among others. 
  • Energy Benefits: influences the energy centers (chakras) and energy meridians with the intention to balance them.
  • Mental Benefits: it mitigates stress and anxiety, in addition to promoting greater awareness of the integrity of the body.
  • Emotional Benefits: it relieves childhood trauma if experienced, which generates more feelings of self-esteem, well-being, confidence and happiness, releases tension, develops a positive image of oneself and generates responsibility for health and happiness.    
  • Spiritual Benefits: it promotes a state of heightened awareness similar to the one that is reached with the experience of meditation.


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