Adriana Roa, Ananda founder, has long practiced what she preaches – living an authentic life through the healing powers of crystals and a good ole Reiki therapy session. As a certified Reiki Master, Adriana has spent the last 20 years experiencing the impact of spiritual healing time and time again. Eventually, her own practice inspired her to spread this awakening to others through customized sessions and healing tools.

Ananda was founded in 2017 – the name translating from Sanskirt meaning love, bliss, and happiness. Adriana has crafted a spiritual sanctuary. A place where you can learn, grow, heal, and discover yourself from within.  A spiritual awakening, a healed soul, a balanced mind – Adriana will walk along side you as you discover this and more.

Ananda is a place where Adriana offers a combination of alternative therapies within a store, a space where she delivers personalized workshops to small groups – and the best part, a complete storefront to guide you through your healing journey.


Adriana  Roa, Certified Reiki Master + Founder of Ananda

In 1993 I was blessed with my first child. Being a new mother is one of the most beautiful experiences as well the most challenging. My son was born with some health concerns and as allopathic medicine was limited, I looked for alternative ways to heal my baby. I began by studying infant massage and his response to it was amazing. Later on, I used this technique on my second child who had trouble sleeping and it helped immensely. It was a great joy to see how the massage relieved my children’s conditions and contributed to their overall wellbeing. Twenty-six years have passed and I’m eternally grateful for my two healthy sons!

Through helping my children I realized that I had embarked on an inner journey. I intuitively followed the guidance of mother earth and celestial forces to seek out more wisdom from higher energies. I struggled with periods of spiritual starvation (even a career in the corporate world!) yet always found my way back to the sacred path. I have been blessed with the support and knowledge of many great practitioners along the way.  I have studied Reiki in depth, becoming a Level III Reiki Master, pursued Bio-energetic Massage and became a Transpersonal Coach. I advocate balance and healing as an Aura Soma practitioner, Bach Flower consultant and Angel Guide. I have immersed myself in the healing properties of Crystals, Sacred Geometry and more. All of the energy based modalities I offer are techniques I have benefited from and continue to use in my personal practice.

With a heart full of gratitude I want to give back and share the wisdom I have gained with others. All of the services I offer compliment life’s different stages harmoniously. I believe no matter what part of the journey you are on there is a connection we can share at Ananda Soul.

Love & Light,